Kennel Apoletano

My name is Bjørg Brenne, and I run Kennel Apoletano. We live in a little town in Norway called Notodden. I have long experience with dogs, and dogs have been a main part of my life since I started to walk.Today, I have Bernese Mountain dogs, English setters and some old, noble Shih tzu's. All my dogs live indoors and are regarded as family members. I do not use dog cages for my dogs, as I am an opponent of using cages indoors. Neither do I like the thought of letting my dogs stay out in a fence all the 24 hours. - What's the point of having a dog then?
I take my dogs out for walks a lot, and we all live happily together.

My purpose as a breeder is to raise dogs with strong nerves, typical for the breed, with good temper and good health - nice and friendly family dogs. I am also very particular about my puppies, and spend a lot of time with them, so that the future dog owners will have the best foundation to build on. I keep myself well informed about the breed.

I have had dogs for more than thirty years, and have much experience within behaviour and also as an exhibitor, but I still learn unbelievably much from my dogs.

I will never be fully qualified - but I guess that is for the best…

On my pages you will find many pictures of dogs from this beautiful race - both others and mine.

If you are interested in Bernese Mountain dogs, be welcome to visit my pages or give me a call for a non-binding dog chat.


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